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Welcome to the cyber home of Shading Systems.

Shading Systems is established in Melbourne, Australia as a specialist engineering company. Our mission statement is to meet the challenges of effortlessly protecting built environments from the discomforts resulting from solar heat gain and internal heat loss, with a reliable, versatile and unique range of automated shading systems and components.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer for many years to some of the major international blind fabricators, Shading Systems has grown at a lightening pace, leading the design of products in the motorised shading systems market for components, complete systems and design technology.

Shading Systems now has a number of “partner” establishments as either licensed fabricators or distributors in some parts of the world and is looking to expand the network further in the near future

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Conceived by present Technical Director, Peter A. Scrivenor, in the early 90’s, Shading Systems today employs a different work force from most blind manufacturing companies.

On staff in the Melbourne facility are engineers, mechanical fitters and manufacturing trades people with all the latest equipment and machinery to provide total understanding of the operating principles of the systems as well as contract engineering staff to assist with various fields of expertise required from time to time.

Shading Systems tests and develops all products in house to quality standards (exceeding most of those internationally recognized), which provide you with a dedicated team of capable professionals who can supply you with the very best products and service to meet the challenges of your project.

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REFLEX™ is the brand name of products from Shading Systems.

REFLEX Shading Systems installations excel in their ability to perform at or beyond technical expectations whilst appearing as an integral component of the particular overall construction.

REFLEX Shading Systems are designed for end use in specific applications in clearly defined markets including high end residential, corporate and contract installations. Each market segment demands a slightly different set of priorities and REFLEX Shading Systems will more than satisfy them all.

The REFLEX product range includes complete systems and components to automate Curtains, Honeycomb blinds, Roller blinds, Roman shades, Pleated blinds, Skylight (roller, roman and pleated) blinds and Venetian (timber and aluminium) blinds.
Special applications such as retractable roofs, architectural “special” systems and complete new system design are also available.

Shading Systems is also gaining recognition as a designer and manufacturer of customised industry equipment.

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