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  To answer the growing demand for a versatile and affordable motorised roller blind system for commercial and domestic applications, REFLEX™ SHADING SYSTEMS has developed and patented the SUPAROLL™ S4, S6, S8 & S10 range of 240 volt, motorised roller blind systems and components to offer the very best solution to this demand.
The system features a unique “spherical” bearing to support the aluminium rollers together with a rigid or flexible drive shaft which allows the rollers to be linked in a straight line or axially misaligned, by up to 90° from straight, whilst still being driven by a single motor. This versatility reduces motorisation costs considerably.
Flexibility within the system also allows for single or linked blinds to be from 300mm wide to 6000mm wide in a single roller and fabric drops to be up to 12,000mm. Many options are available for the system including various fabric densities and textures and mechanical accessories such as stainless steel hardware, side guide wires, and spring assisted return, tension rollers for inclined installations.
Combined with the vast range of REFLEX™ control systems, from simple wall switches to remote controls and computer interfacing, the REFLEX™ SUPAROLL™ SYSTEM is the answer to all your motorised roller blind demands.

  The SUPAROLL™ is primarily utilised as an internal window covering system where a sleek and clean appearance is required, with the minimum of visible hardware and minimum fabric “side gaps” are necessary. Determination of which of the systems is best suited for an application shall be governed by factors such as desired fabric panel sizes, overall drop of the fabric when extended, suitable fixing points as well as operational speed and, of course, budgetary constraints. Typical applications to achieve maximum benefit would be curved or segmented windows, bay windows, very long windows such as corridors or very high windows such as showroom frontages.
REFLEX™ systems also feature the unique DUAL option where two roller blinds on parallel 60mm rollers can be affixed as one, giving facility for blocking light as well as a light screening element to present three options to a given window (open, screened & blackout).
The system also has components to cater for applications such as horizontal or inclined areas with the inclusion of two rollers; the first with a motor and the second opposing roller with an integral spring tensioning system.

  The system is comprised of S (single), M (motor), I (intermediate) and T (tail) rollers in various combinations and can be 40, 60, 80, or 100mm in diameter. The roller shall be 6106 aluminium alloy and have a natural anodised finish. The motor shall be positioned within either the single roller or motor roller (when multiple rollers are installed) and be adjoined to the intermediate (or tail roller) with a straight or flexible drive shaft.
Upper and lower travel limit positioning shall be externally adjustable.
The system shall be fixed to the substrate with suitable fixings through the powder coated, zinc plated steel or stainless steel brackets.
Electrical connection shall be via a MOLEX inline connector. Fabric shall be as required (see separate specifications).
Fabric hem treatment shall be 20mm round, powder coated aluminium.
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