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  To answer the growing demand for a product to deliver the ultimate in solar protection and light control, REFLEX™ has developed the REFLEX™ ROLL range of cassette roller blinds in two sizes and a great variety of options to adapt to the demands of both external solar protection applications and internal “blackout” style audio visual quality light control applications. As with most REFLEX™ products, the REFLEX™ ROLL cassettes allow the joining of several blinds to the one motor, both in straight lines or through angles up to 45 degrees from straight, thus decreasing the perceived costs associated with motorisation.
  The popular applications for this system are two fold. Firstly, integration into building facades for the ultimate control of heat and glare by protecting the glass from the outside against solar extremes, together with fully automatic controls, will deliver a complete solar control system. The cassette would ideally be installed close to the glazing and with the inclusion of stainless steel side guide wires, and the incorporation of sun, wind and timing controls, this system will exceed all expectations for aesthetics and solar control.
Secondly, the system can be integrated into the lighting control system for internal applications such as meeting rooms, theatres, laboratories and other areas requiring complete darkening.

  The most appealing feature of the REFLEX™ ROLL system is the range of options. The REFLEX™ ROLL system has options of three or four sided roller coverage (when the back of the roller will be visible) and a versatile, Nylon plate mounting system allowing face, top or side fixing. The incorporation of side guiding systems utilising either the 3.2 mm stainless steel wire, or one of the powder coated, aluminium side guide channels - (40 x 40 mm for external applications or 40 x 25 mm light sealing strips) may be necessary.
Employment of the stainless steel side guide wires (attached to the mounting plates at the top and to the substrate at the lower extension point) enables safe, external fitting where wind could otherwise prohibit the use of normal roller blinds and the fitting of standard awnings is not acceptable.
The side guide wires/channels can also be employed to allow blinds to be installed in sloping glass wall situations with the addition of extra weighted hem rails.
The REFLEX™ ROLL system also includes the RS8 & RS10 styles of skylight blind, intended for use in applications calling for horizontal operation where both ends of the blind have rollers within cassettes, with the inclusion of a spring tension system in the second housing, to create a full tension system for the fabric element.
All covers are powder coated or anodised 1.6mm aluminium and the rollers are 60mm (R8) & 80mm (R10) and are all natural anodised for strength and durability.
All internal and external components are completely weather proof being aluminium, nylon or stainless steel.
The system can support the many screen, solid or sheer fabric elements currently available in the market remembering that the skylight series should only use those fabrics with a suitable mechanical strength to withstand the tension loads.

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