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  To answer the growing demand for an affordable motorised tracking system for commercial and domestic curtains, REFLEX™ SHADING SYSTEMS has developed the RCM 35 and RCM 50 240 volt motors and track components to offer the very best solution to this demand.
The versatility of this system is almost limitless in applications from small domestic lightweight sheer curtains to theatre and stage curtain systems.
The track can be formed to tight radii and curvable to suit almost any configuration. For very large applications dual motors can be utilised giving up to 100 watts of pulling power to open and close the largest of curtains. The system incorporates the simplest of installation techniques and the motors are extremely reliable. The travel of curtains along the track is limited by a pair of micro switches within the REFLEX™ motors, with infinite adjustability with the simplest of equipment. The REFLEX™ RCM CURTAIN TRACK SYSTEM is the simplest and most affordable tracking system available.
Combined with the vast range of REFLEX control systems from simple wall switches to remote controls and computer interfacing, The REFLEX™ RCM SYSTEM is the answer to your curtain control demands.

  The application will determine the configuration of the motor(s) and direction of draw of the curtain. The draw configuration can be from right to left, left to right , draw to the centre or from the centre to the ends. Drawing of more than one curtain in the same direction can be achieved as well. For heavy applications such as long drop curtains with curved tracks, the addition of a second or slave motor will double the power to give smooth trouble free motion.
The arrangement of carriers and lead plate cater for most types of curtain tapes and headings and due to the very narrow profile of the track the curtain can be fitted below or in front of the track (below is recommended). Attach points are supplied for the fixed ends of the curtain where necessary.

  The track system is comprised of extruded aluminium alloy track 32 mm wide and 26mm high. The fixing “cam clamps” are designed to twist and lock into a groove in the top face of the track and can be positioned anywhere along the length. These cam clamps are fixed to the substrate in the desired position with 10 g screws Within the track, the nylon roller carriers are captured in grooves for positive alignment whilst traveling. The lead or driven carrier plate is fixed to the nylon drive belt and are positively positioned due to the holes formed to engage the drive sprocket. The curtain shall be suspended on the roller carriers spaced at approximately 80 mm when fully drawn with the first two hooks fixed on the lead carrier plate for positive positioning.
The motor is a vertical axis, AC, asynchronous, squirrel cage, 240 volt motor producing either 35 (RCM35) or 50 (RCM50) watts respectively. Incorporated in the motor is a heavy duty,final drive, planetary reduction gearbox. Easy “bayonet” motor fitting allows removal of the motor for servicing. The curtain travel is limited in both directions by the adjustable limit switches positioned under the cover at the lower end of the motor. The motors are supplied with a 2 meter, four core lead with quickly detachable connector in the motor for ease of service.
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