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  To answer the growing demand for a product to deliver the ultimate in light control, privacy and solar protection, REFLEX™ has designed and developed the REFLEX™ RB95 blackout roller blind and guide system with a great degree of versatility to adapt to the many and varied applications such as AV quality light control, bedroom darkening and conference facilities.
As with most REFLEX™ products, the REFLEX™ RB95 cassette allows the joining of several blinds to the one motor, both in straight lines or through angles up to 45 degrees from straight, thus decreasing the perceived costs associated with motorisation. The system would normally incorporate a selection from the range of blackout fabrics available but can also be installed with screen or sheer fabrics and no side guides to deliver a very uncluttered, clean looking alternative to the standard roller blind.

  The REFLEX™ RB95 is ideally suited to internal installation as either “face” fix (onto vertical walls/window frames) or “top” fix (to the ceiling/window head within reveal) with consideration given to the “sealability” of the head box and side guides to the substructure. The mounting of the head box is simply accomplished by drilling and screwing through the casing at the required position, followed by the assembly of the blind within the cassette and the split side guides can be either “face” fixed or “side” fixed as required with either screws or high tenacity double sided adhesive tape. Where multiple blinds are required to cover a continuous area, the greatest cost benefits can be achieved by joining a single drive motor to the rest of the blinds through the incorporation of drive shafts which can be flexible or solid and are hidden within the cassettes. Adjoining blinds can meet at up to 45 degrees from straight.

  The head box shall be a pair of 6061 aluminium alloy extrusions and is comprised of 1) a main mounting rail which has various roller blind fixing facilities and positioning for the substrate fixings, 2) the detachable fascia which shall snap onto the main rail to completely cover the system, 3) the end plates which shall be glass reinforced, UV stabilised nylon with facilities to receive several different configurations of roller blind attachment. The side guides shall be a split pair of 6061 aluminium alloy extrusions comprised of 1) a main mounting rail with facilities for side and face fixing as well as the retention slot for the Schlegel light/dust seal 2) the detachable fascia which also has a slot for the Schlegel light/dust seal 3) side guide end cap for a neat finish to the lower end of the side guide.
The installation may consist of a combination of the following; S (single or individual), M (motor), I (intermediate) and T (tail) blinds in various combinations and can contain 40 or 60 mm motorised roller systems. The roller shall be 6106 aluminium alloy and have a natural anodised finish. The motor shall be positioned within either the single (S) roller or motor (M) roller (when multiple rollers are installed) and be adjoined to the intermediate (I) or tail (T) roller with a straight or flexible drive shaft. Where two blinds meet at an angle, only the fascias shall be mitered at the intersection to enhance the “clean” lines. Upper and lower travel limit positioning shall be externally adjustable.
Electrical connection shall be via a MOLEX inline connector.
Fabric shall be as selected (see separate specifications).
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