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  The REFLEX™ CORD LIFT series of motorised headrails, originally developed for the automated operation of the various brands of pleated blinds on the market, enables very easy installation and a great degree of flexibilty. The system has since been developed further to accommodate the many styles of Roman, Austrian and other blinds that depend on cords for their lifting and lowering operations.
  This product shall be used in conjunction with any of the variety of pleated, honey comb or soft window furnishings that are actioned by the raising or lowering of cords. For pleated blinds, the selected blind shall be attached to the lower face of the headrail using the proprietory fixing method. The lifting cords then travel into the headrail and furl around the internal, motorised roller to provide lifting motion. Should one of the many soft furnishing styles be desired then that soft furnishing shall incorporate a 50mm wide loop tape sewn to the inside upper hem to affix to the hook tape on the front of the headrail. The soft furnishing shall also incorporate the standard rings afixed to the battens or tapes as usually fitted for manual operation.
The system also has components to cater for applications such as horizontal or inclined areas with the inclusion of two rails; the first with a motor and the second opposing rail with an integral spring tensioning system.

  The preselected blind is attached to the 53mmW x 51mmH aluminium rail by either the original
manufacturers brackets (for pleated blinds) or hook and loop tape (for Romans and other soft furnishings etc.) with the lift cord rings aligned with the brass, cord exit holes in the lower rail face.
The cords shall be 1mm diameter polyester in beige, grey or black colour with a Kevlar fibre core.
The cords shall terminate within the rail onto adjustable Acetal rings.
The rail houses the 40mm aluminum motor roller (which has the drive motor within) and the “evenlift” cord system.
As the motor roller turns, the roller traverses laterally to create an even lifting effort on all cords ensuring the lower edge of the blind lifts evenly.
Travel limits shall be externally adjustable. The rail shall be powder coated or anodised to suit.
The mounting method is normally top fixed but powder coated, steel brackets are available for face/side fixing where necessary.
Configurations include the single headrail up to 3600mm wide, straight line “tandem” rails where two or more rails can be run from one motor and the popular angled version where two or more rails can drive around corners up to 45 degrees sharing a single motor. Maximum lifted weight shall not exceed 20kgs in a straight line.
Skylights and glazed roofs can also be covered with the double ended version with a spring tensioning rail placed at the opposite end to the motor rail, replacing gravitational force.

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