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  To answer the growing demand for a versatile solution to the problem of solar and weather protection for large internal or external glazed or open areas, REFLEX™ offers the CONTEN retractable roof system to offer the very best solution to this demand.
The versatility of this system is almost limitless in applications from residential skylight solar protection and light control to alfresco restaurant roofing applications in both vertical (walls) and inclined (roof) applications.
The system can be a stand alone installation with only minor support interface necessary or it can be integrated into complete structural assemblies to form fully sealed and drained weather resistant enclosures.
Combined with the vast range of REFLEX™ control systems from simple wall switches to remote controls, weather sensing automation or computer interfacing, The REFLEX™ CONTEN system is the answer to your large area weather protection demands.

  The area to be covered should be square or rectangular in shape and can be in any aspect from horizontal to vertical as the system is always under its own tension. The mounting frame can be interfaced at any location along the two side rails to coincide with substructure. The inherent tension in the system is transferred through these side rails. All system hardware is mounted onto these side rails and minor alignment discrepancies can be overcome with built in adjustments. Should the application demand total concealment of the hard ware this is possible with consideration to be given to the surrounding architecture and substrates.

  The preselected fabric element is stored on a 100mm aluminium, spring tensioned roller which is located adjacent to the motor roller within the aluminium cover. The coated steel, motor roller houses the SOMFY tubular motor and drive roller system. To the perimeter of the drive roller are attached the 4mm, nylon coated, stainless steel, adjustable, pull cables. The pull cables then attach to the traction (or hem) rail, within the leading edge of the fabric element, via aluminium and PETP return sheaves mounted at the extremity of the 40 x 40mm coated steel side guide rails.The turning effort of the motor roller pulls the cables and the fabric, out from behind the cover, towards the end of the guide rails to its full extension and then automatically stops. The cover, side guide rails and traction bar shall be powder coated to suit.All fixings shall be stainless steel.
The fabric element can be any of the screen or solid fabrics currently available that have sufficient mechanical
strength to withstand the loads of the tensioning system.
External roofing applications will need consideration of rain run off and plumbing facilities and the incorporation of automatic wind controls for system integrity protection.
Aspect can be from horizontal to vertical but areas to be covered must be square or rectangular in shape.

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